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How to move forward while Retreating… – CREffects

How to move forward while Retreating…

I focus much of my time moving forward. Being stagnate in movement, creates a frozen place in life, being stagnate in life creates a frozen place in movement. It takes awhile to accept that a forward motion in any aspect of your life, creates forward motion in all aspects of your life. Let’s say I do yoga this morning, I then have increased circulation and warm fluid movement of muscles for the entire day. I also have a grounded sense of happiness. My mind is clear and I can focus on many tasks throughout my day. I have a deep sense of accomplishment and this bleeds over into my ability to accomplish things that are actually important to my growth and not just daily requirements to reach the end of the day.
A kind word
One of the most effective ways to achieve happiness and forward motion each day it to say a kind word to a stranger. You may ask how this effects forward motion? If I have a goal to acknowledge a stranger today, I am walking around in my daily routine with my head up, a smile on my face, I have a purpose. As soon as I have contact with the eyes of a stranger, I smile and say hello. Simple. At that time, I actually stand up taller, may even have a bounce in my step and low and behold, someone else is eager for a greeting. My heart feels happy, my burdens feel light. Not to mention what it does for the other person. Yes, I do this for my own feel goods, but what if they feel lighter and happier? What if they greet someone else along the way and brighten their day, EVEN BETTER, right? It is a very small goal, that is easy to achieve, but can have a gigantic impact on others around us as well as ourselves. So, no matter the burdens I may feel that could make me stagnate and feel helpless, I have these moments that take me to a better place. This is by far, the one goal I make sure to achieve every day.
Forward is sometimes backwards so call “Uncle”
There are times, when in one corner of my world, I feel fear or anger or regret. These are 3 of the most common emotions that create a stagnant lull in our journey. If we are struggling with a specific relationship, a disability, a regret from the past, these can hold us down like a big brother torture session. You know, you caught him with his girlfriend on the couch and threaten to tell mom, he chases after you, pins you to the floor and tells you to say “Uncle”. Of course you fight back and refuse to say “Uncle”! I mean, why should you give in. Why does he get his way. But alas, you cave. You say “UNCLE”! He releases you. He lets you up and threatens to do it again if you tell. You feel defeated for a moment until you realize your alive, your breathing, your not trapped anymore. And mom will be home soon and you are still going to tell her. Uncle is an easy word to say. Was it really necessary to fight? Why? Ego? Defiance? Screw that. Look back at the experience and have faith that in the future, he will still let you up when you say “Uncle”. and know that by retreating, you are moving forward, more comfortably, mind you.
So, can you be cognizant of the things that enter your mind that might need to go so that you can move forward? Forward out of the discomfort or negativity? Can you go back to the memory of regret, decision making moment, heartache, sadness, disappointment? Can you objectively think of forgiving yourself for maybe nothing more than hanging on to that emotion? Of course you can! Cry “Uncle”, get yourself out of the discomfort, take a deep breath and by God, let it go. Find something to smile about, and maybe even realize the comfort of forgiveness and make a memory of that feeling. Move on from there. It’s true, these thoughts may still pop into your head in the future, but as you practice letting go, as with practicing anything, you will get better at it.
“A man who is the master of himself can end sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure.”
Oscar Wilde, A picture of Dorian Grey

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